Making Art With Kids: Christmas Silhouettes

Variations of making silhouettes abound.   Linda Germain's Tiny Dancer print inspired the silhouettes we made with friends last night.  First, you take a profile picture of your guests with your digital camera.   Upload the pictures to your computer and  print it out in a size of a common frame. 
Have your guests scribble all over a white piece of paper using crayons.      This is the part that any person from two to ninety-two can do.  Of course, there are a number of other backgrounds you could use - strips of paper or cloth, pre-printed scrapbooking paper, a Wordle that describes the personality of the person whose silhouette it is.  

See the heads above in the left of the picture?
We cut out these out and traced them onto black paper. 
Then we cut out the black silhouette.

You take the black "background" and paste it on top of the scribbled paper.   The cutting part is intricate.   Kids 8 and above can handle it, but it might be frustrating for people under 8 or for those who have fine motor challenges.   So we the moms did some cutting for some.  

It was fun to do.  I liked the black frames on these.    It would be fun to explore some of the options I mentioend above.    Here's mine....we found that those of us over 40 have quite a different profile than the younger people!

You can also take the positive shape - 
the head silhouette and put it on patterned paper.
There are a lot of ways to approach this.   

It was a way to mark this particular point in time and have fun, too!  

"Do not let what you cannot do
keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden


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