The Dangers of the Sherwin Williams Chip-it Application

I'm getting traffic from  Apartment Therapy.

I love  Apartment Therapy.  It's a big site that I enjoy reading.  So following the rabbit trail to see why, I ended up at  this post on Apartment Therapy about using Sherwin William's Chip-it application. I was surprised to see an image I created in the post.  I made the image using Sherwin Williams Chip-it Application to analyze the colors in a vintage Ferry Seed poster.  I found the image at the New York Public Library's Digital Gallery. When I analyzed the above image it was with the idea of creating a room with the feell of the vintage poster, not to create a similar painting.  I believe the image itself is in the public domain, but the image was scanned by NYPL for their digital gallery.

DesignSeeds, one of the commenters at the Apartment Therapy post, pointed out a big problem with the Chip-It Application.  

The problem is that it is very easy to infringe on a designer or artist's work using Sherwin William's Chip It app and not attribute the original image to the creator.  And in a sense, that's exactly what happened when Apartment Therapy borrowed my image to talk about Sherwin William's application.  Because by sharing the analyzed image I shared, the link to the New York Public Library got lost.

I'm sure Sherwin Williams will say they're not responsible for what people do with their tool.   

But I think in the interest of attributing credit,  they should have the app add the URL that the picture was taken from, similar to when Pinterest pins an image.  

If you're an artist or designer, you don't want someone ripping off your color sensibility using this application. 

But the application can be used in a variety of good ways - analyzing the exact colors of an image you took, or a painting you made or an antique or public domain image, as the Ferry Seeds poster is.   It can be used for GOOD and not EVIL.  ;-)

So people, be careful when you make a pin of an image to be sure it's in the public domain. 

"Do not let what you cannot do
keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden


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