Making Choices for Little Red Riding Hood

I'm at that point with Little Red where she is trying on fabrics.  
Always a sign that completion is near!  

And here is a mini Izannah in process. 
Penny is in there for scale. 
Her ears are applied cloth ears rolled together.
She will get arms and legs after I finish Little Red above. 

For Autism Awareness:

Excellent article here which where 
people with autism, parents of people with autism, etc. 
talk about how to change the world. 

Dixie Redmond


  1. Hi Dixie, I think they are all very nice. I am very partial to the one on the right because it softens her look. She is going to be so sweet, I can tell, :)

  2. Have to say, I'm partial to the fabric in the center photo. But she's so beautiful she could wear anything and look fabulous!

  3. Oh Dixie she is lovely. I like the light one on the right also. Very nice

  4. Beautiful, Dixie!! The fabric on the right is perfect for LRRH. ♥


"Do not let what you cannot do
keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden


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