Fall 2012 Visit to Lucy's Doll House

Going to Lucy's Doll House is always a treat.  First of all, for me it means a day to myself.  Secondly, it means antique folk art which I love.  I mean, who can resist this marvelous horse?

Or a basket in divine blue?

Or a fun muzzled antique doggie candy container?

Or a rug hooked by Barbara E. Merry? 

Or an amazing doll house room? 

Or stuffed animals on a staircase or...

tumbling out of a house?

And, last but not least, are the antique dolls. 

I posted pictures of a Columbian Doll on the Maida Today site, 
and have some other great pictures coming soon.  


  1. I'm dying over the lavender dress fabric on the wooden doll on the left!

    1. I know! I've been noticing fabric more often of late.

  2. I'm glad you get to go there...and glad you take such fun pictures of it all!

  3. Can never have too many little furry friends~ love your photographs!

  4. I eat up all that kinda stuff! I especially love the horse (and the rug its on)! Actually I think the furniture in all your pics is as fun to look at and discover. What fun Dixie!

    1. Michele - we would have a good time together! Each time I go I try to pretend I'm bringing another artsy internet friend along. So I take different types of pictures every visit in addition to the antique cloth dolls.

  5. What a wonderful shop...I think I could spend a whole day there....love all that you shared...blessings


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John Wooden


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