My Izannah Walker style doll

After visiting the original Izannah Walker doll, and seeing beautiful reproduction versions by Dolls of Yore and clcdolls on Ebay, I decided to try my own hand at it. WELL! I have been working on this doll for almost 2 months...and at one point in the process my husband told me she looked like Fred Mertz from I Love Lucy. But Fred was covered over with a few more layers of paperclay, three layers of paint, one layer of crackle, another couple layers of paint. She has definitely become my response to seeing "The Izannah" at Lucy's Doll House in Camden, Maine and not a reproduction doll. For instance, I decided to make her boots different than traditional Izannah doll boots.

She'll be finished by Monday, and possibly listed on Ebay by Tuesday. I've restarted her dress 3 times. I'm finally happy with what I have -- a beautiful brown dress with pintucks that is very reminiscent of the antique dresses worn by Izannah Walker dolls. She's a sweet little thing, and I've learned a lot in making her. I hope my doll honors Izannah's efforts in some way.

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Daisy Debs said...

She is gorgeous ! Someone is going to be very lucky to have her :) I,m still making my first Izzanah ...not happy with her head yet ..sigh Debbie x

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