The Pattern Makes the Doll

This is one of the first vintage dolls I bought on Ebay. I'm not sure what appealed to me so much about it. It's not like it's one of a kind - it may have been a manufactured doll. I think I paid $2.99 plus shipping for it.

When I received it the fabric was falling apart in a few pieces, so I took the doll apart and made a pattern from the original fabric. I made one osnaburg version, which got confiscated by one of my children to become baby Jesus this Christmas. Incidentally, in my house this year the manger bed of Baby was actually a wooden clam basket, and the frankincense and myrhh were represented by vanilla extract and a tin of cloves that my son taped over the labels. The pattern is interesting because it's essentially 5 pieces. The body has a front and back piece with many darts. The head is a 3 piece head (2 pieces in back and oilskin front piece). I don't know how old this doll is, but the print reminded me of something my grandma would have had around her house and that's why I bought it. She was stuffed hard with a mixture of what looked like pine needles and cotton (complete with seeds). I do intend to make another doll like this -- and saw one on Ebay recently sold like her. I loved the fabric on the doll on Ebay - and I think that's the key to a doll like this -- she has to have some kind of fabric that really makes a statement. It would look totally boring in a solid color. The pattern really makes the doll!

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