An Independent Spirit...

The white doll in the background above on the left(and the other little doll on the right) was inspired by an 1820ish doll in the book The Heart of the Tree. The little one was finished as a door prize for the website The Humble Arts. The bigger version is in progress right now...I can say she finally has arms and legs, and she's partially dressed. Yeah! But she's one of those creations that "argues" with me. I definitely began with an idea about who she was to be and she definitely has her own independent spirit. So I'm going with it. She will be finished and either listed this week on Ebay or on The Humble Arts for next Tuesday. We'll see where she wants to go. I'm sure she has an opinion. ~ Dixie

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Deb said...

Oh I LOVE these dolls!! Found your link @ gardenpainter.. will be back to peruse a little more :) Deb

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