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Last week I dug out some of my old paintings, scanned them and then cropped them into different configurations. Doing that really made me want to paint again. So I gave myself a little job to make three paintings (now listed on Ebay) in a folk art format.

What's great about doing different kinds of art is that one can inform the other. :-) In painting the dolls, I definitely use the experience I gained painting more traditional landscapes. And in making the dolls, I've started looking at different kinds of paintings than I was exposed to in art school. I love looking at the naive folk art paintings of the early 1800's. When I went to New York I visited the American Folk Art Museum (wish I could go again!) and the paintings and sculptures there just blew me away.

I have the doll Jasannah finished (finally). She has over 40 hours in her! She was made at the suggestion of someone on my e-mail list. I've listed her over at The Humble Arts. And my paintings are on Ebay. The links are up in the corner on the right. Please check them out!


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Gerushia's New World said...

Hi Dixie:
I love your VIM project painting. I'll have to go over to humble arts and check out your new doll!

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