Crazy File Names!

This week I was sharing with some Coffee with Tea members the stages of this painting. I was taking pictures at different intervals, showing the changes. I took what I thought was my last bunch because I thought I was done with her. I named the files Mrs. Brandywine Final. Only I wasn't done. So the real "final" pictures are called "Mrs. Brandywine Final Final". And the closeups of those are called "Mrs. Brandywine Final Final Baby." I bet there are many women who have said that in history, "This is the final, final, baby!". ;-) What you see above is "Mrs. Brandywine Final Final."

I used to grow heirloom tomatoes - those are the seeds of plants that have been passed down from generation to generation in families because they exhibit excellent taste as well as other wonderful attributes such as color or size or shape. Brandywine is touted as THE heirloom tomato to grow. I think it's because it's such a beautiful name. The painting above began as I was trying to copy a very old folk painting from the early 1800's. The word heirloom was going through my head and then I thought of heirloom tomatoes and somehow that girl changed into "Mrs. Brandywine".

All this to say there's a new painting listed on Ebay. :-) You can find it by clicking on the link up at the top right corner that says Northdixie Designs on Ebay.



Unknown said...

I love this painting it is very whimsical.!!!!!


Lori said...

I just found you on Garboodles. I really love your blog and your dolls are wonderful!! Come over and visit me sometime.
Mrs Brandywine and her baby are very cute!!

Denise Aumick said...

You KNOW I love this - and all your paintings. They do call to me.

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keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden