Little Izzy Will Need a Name

My newest little Izannah inspired dollie is getting there. Last night she got arms and legs. Once they have arms and legs they seem so much more real. She is very sweetly asking for "the green fabric, please, the one with the rosebuds on it, and a red cape from the red wool you got at Searsport Rug." A huh.

I made a new pattern for this little doll - so she has a very tiny waist and her arms are out more like the arms on the original Walker dolls. But I am not trying to copy a particular Walker doll with this girl - Izannah was her starting point. Along the way she picked up some features of china and paper mache dolls. Which is interesting, because with some of Izannah's dolls you can definitely see the influence of other contemporary dolls in her work. For instance, when she painted eyes, they look a bit like she was approximating glass eyes of paper mache dolls.

Anyway, that's the progress here!

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