Erasers, anyone?

You know the old Ticonderoga pencils we used in school? Long school bus yellow with a salmony colored red eraser on top? When I was in school they still had lead in them. That's not the point of this post, but it may explain a few things about me. Rolling my eyes right now. Nowadays they use these new-fangled pencils that spin and click and all kinds of things. Anyway, I'm digressing again, because apologising is hard.

I was wishing yesterday there were a Word/Action eraser. Do you ever have something fly out of your mouth and wish you could erase it? You're thinking, "I did not just say that! Those words are not hanging out there in the air, right?" But of course they are. I wish this didn't happen to me often, but it does. I need to read the Proverb, "Even a fool is thought wise when he's silent" more. I need to activate my brain and ask the question, "Will this comment or action solve a problem or encourage the other person?"

A while ago I said and did some things that I wish I hadn't. Well, of course, I've done more than one, if we're using the words "a while ago". I'm in an evaluative mode right now. Last year I handled a situation in a way that ended up not helping a difficult situation for some people. It was the wrong way to deal with the situation I was frustrated with. I should have just walked away and said nothing. I can't take back the words, but I can learn from the experience. And I can attempt to mend fences.

The Bible says, "Out of the fullness of the heart the mouth speaks." I need to take more time to examine my heart before I speak or act.


Stillwaters Music said...

Hey Dixie! I'm right there with you! I pray quite often: "Place a guard over my mouth!" Praise God we're not hardened to conviction....

Tracy Carpenter said...

The fourth step in AA notes that we would do well to make amends if possible, then forgive ourselves. Good advice!
I have noticed that people who worry about how they affect others are generally very nice people. Goes double for doll people.

"Do not let what you cannot do
keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden