Orange and Proud of It?

I will now make Overdying Cloth as one of my collected satisfactions. The link takes you to a post on Dolls of Yore's blog entries, who is always sharing wonderful techniques and has great tutorials on her blog.

So last night I took a bunch of fabric that was a tad too bright and overdyed it with tan dye. Oh, my, how it softened it! It pushed the whites into the background, which was what was keeping me from using some of these fabrics. I found that the overdying worked much better with the red and white cloth than it did with the particular blues I had.

So now I'm walking through the house looking for things that would be great dyed. I have some cotton upholstery fabric I've been saving for years and I think I might try that and see what it does. I want to use it to cover my funky 70's crushed velvet dining chairs that I got at auction The story behind these chairs is bunch of us attendees at a local auction were sitting in these chairs to be auctioned. They are the most comfortable chairs in the world. They may be the ugliest, though. When they came up for bidding nobody was bidding on them. I said $10 and nobody else bid on them. So I got six dining room chairs for $10. That's the price of two Happy Meals. I think they wear their orange fabric with pride. My intention is to transform them with slipcovers. I've had that intention for a long time. People who are into retro 70's design really love these chairs.

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