Presentation Boxes and Creative Paperclay

Unabashed Commercial: I am cleaning out my work area and listing lots of great stuff on Ebay. I am facing up to the fact that I am NOT a quilter, so if you are, then now is the time to check my listings...

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I've had this box around for over a year. In my doll study group we were talking about presentation boxes last year. There was a little doll in a matchbox on Ebay - an antique one. I bought this case box, put it on a shelf and then got behind in life. Someone else in the group actually made one about a month later and I hadn't done anything yet. I didn't want to be seen as copying her so I put it aside.

For the last couple of weeks, I've been painting this box with milk paint, sanding it, and painting it with another layer. Then I look at it, move it around my work area, etc. I'm not exactly sure which direction I'm going with it...but I have some ideas. I know I want to either put a doll and her wardrobe in it, or put a few dollie friends in it together. Making a doll the scale of the box will be challenging. :-)

Many of the more involved dolls I do are made using paperclay over cloth. I tried the harder version of paperclay sold on the paperclay website, but it's not as sand-able as the Creative kind. I have some paper mache on hand that I want to try someday, too.

There are lots of dollmakers who use paperclay beautifully - I started to make a list, but then I knew I'd leave out someone I really admire. Many of them are on my list of blogs to visit on the right.

A doll I made earlier this year...

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