Tomato Boy II Listed on Ebay

"Tomato Boy II"
11 x 14"

This Tomato Boy painting was commissioned to be a companion piece by a customer. After I had him all done he just was not going to be a companion piece – he is his own man, y’know? So I made another painting as a companion piece and set this guy aside to be sold on his own.

I used quality artists paints on gessoed hardboard to paint this Tomato Boy. Many layers of washes and mediums were used. Finally I used a couple of layers of crackle medium and varnish, which give it a kind of bumpy texture, but increases the depth of the piece. He is signed on the back of the painting. This painting comes to you UNframed, but is in a stock size that is easy to buy a ready-made frame for.

These Tomato People portraits call to mind antique folk art paintings but with a twist of whimsy. This particular one is a flip-flop of the color schemes of an Ammi Phillips painting - usually the white/flesh colors would be in the face and the red on the garment. I would love to have a tomato portrait gallery in my house…maybe I’ll start doing tomato portraits of family members ;-)

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Denise Aumick said...

He is a treasure. You know how I feel about your paintings.

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John Wooden