I had the best surprise when I woke up this morning. On the counter were two packages. YES! One package had a great doll in it by Kate Erbach. Hers is the doll on the right. I had told Kate how much I liked this doll, and she e-mailed me and said she would mail it to me if I like it. Wow, I didn't waste any time e-mailing her back with a yes. Kate has a great sense of color and design. So when I saw the package that might be hers, I opened it first. Then I took pictures of it - placing it in a spot between a vintage doll and a doll by Megan Womack of The Magpie's Nest. I took one of the vintage doll and Kate's together because I loved the contrast of moods, and the vintage girl looking sideways at the new arrival. ;-)

The other package was a piece of vintage fabric I bought through Ebay. Not sure how vintage - it's an old curtain, but I thought it might make an interesting body for a doll. It looks like curtains and fabric that were in the old camps that I talked about in my last post.

It's lined with a great cotton fabric that looks like the older kind of muslin that has a more pronounced weave (the threads are thicker?). It reminds me of the muslin that's it my granny's quilt from the 30's. Anyway, the fabric might be as old as the 20's or as new as the 70's.

The selvage has "All Vat Colors" in a vintage font, as you can see. If anyone else knows about vintage fabrics, please tell me. The print reminds me of the red and white restaurant ware dishes. There's a pattern called Strawberry Fields that is just beautiful.

So that's the fun for today at 5:30 a.m. :-)

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