Thinking informs doing...

"You cannot plough a field
by turning it over in your mind."

I don't know who said this first. It's by "unknown author". I was going to put this quote on my blog permanently, but I started thinking that I'm not sure if it's entirely TRUE. Well, it is true that a field won't get plowed by turning it over in your mind. But there has been research done that shows that practicing something in your mind can be almost the equivalent of actually doing it. Of course, you do eventually have to actually do that something to see if that's true.

Sometimes I imagine making a work in my head. Or painting a room. Often I am guilty of leaving it in the imaginary state. But when I eventually do make the something - paint the room, begin the doll. The "drawing time" in my head has usually been worthwhile. As long as I eventually do it with real paint and cloth.

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Katie said...

Funny that I should read this while I'm sitting here reading blogs instead of painting a room. Two rooms! Thanks for the kick in the pants. :)

"Do not let what you cannot do
keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden