This is the result of yesterday's attempt to get an Izzy torso that feels right. I'm making it in a larger size so that's getting in the way for me - I've only seen small Izzies, never a larger one, although Linda Edward in Cloth Dolls Ancient to Modern says that they were made as large as 27 inches. Anyway, I made #1 and wrote notes on that pattern about what I needed to change, then traced it and made the changes for #2, and so on. I'm also considering stuffing with cotton or wool to get a different feel.

Obviously the head is too big and isn't an appropriate shape - I was trying to figure out a way to use the body prototypes to make other creations. ;-) A Pumpkin Izannah, perhaps? Some dollmakers I know were oohing and ahing over the shape of a Helen Pringle Fair child doll head, and I was wondering how you could manipulate a round head pattern to give a feeling of crown fullness and a flatter face.

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