I finished my Ava Grace item - you can see her above! I'm not a big fan of moving picture slideshows, but sometimes it's a good way to get lots of pictures in a small spot! :-)

Meet Perseverance Grace. This sweet little doll was inspired by the idea of Hitty's maker and Izannah Walker meeting and collaborating on a doll. Perseverance is 19 inches tall. Her head and shoulders are made of paperclay, and her arms and legs are made of a high-quality cotton material. She is not wooden, but I painted the paperclay and cloth with at many many layers of paint, sanding in between to bring to mind the feeling of a wooden doll. Perseverance wears a red floral sprigged cotton dress which is hand-hemmed. She also wears hand-hemmed osnaburg pantaloons which tie with a burgundy rayon ribbon at the waist. Perseverance wears painted boots and stockings. Her hands have separately applied thumbs, just as an Izannah doll does, and her hands have stitched fingers. Perseverance has a little clothepin angel doll as her companion. All of the little angels clothing are made from antique lace and antique garments. The lace of her skirt has the most impressive hand needlework! She measures around 3 1/2 inches, and comes with a stand so she can be displayed separately, if you desire. Thank so much for looking at my item - remember as you bid that funds raised in this auction will benefit little Ava Grace. ~ Dixie


Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

She is absolutely beautiful Dix!

Stillwaters Music said...

How beautiful, Dixie!! I LOVE your Izannah dolls!
Nena :)

Chickadee Primitives said...

Everything you touch turns to magic, Dixie Stix

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