My Fall Visit to Lucy's Doll House

I went to Lucy's Doll House today because I heard they had purchased another Izannah Walker doll. And because Sue Singer purchased my last Izannah inspired doll. The original doll is on the left above, my doll is in the center, and my Percival is on the right. :-)

The doll in blue gingham is the third original Izannah Walker doll I've seen up close - all of them at Lucy's Doll House - and she was more baby-like in her feel and profile. Constance (my doll) was sitting so proudly with all those other wonderful cloth dolls - Columbians, Babyland Rags, Chase, Moravians. That corner of the shop is my favorite and it was so fun to see my doll sitting in a chair there. Percival was sitting there in Constance's lap, looking a little bit suspicious of his new surroundings. Where are all the fabric scraps I used to play with. But I suspect that in the middle of the night he and the bears there have a rousing game of tag.

Here are a few other lovelies...

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