Two Good Things

What are the two good things? One, I listed a Spotted Killjoy Folk Art Bird on Ebay last night. Two, I got a package from The Blackberry Briar. Don't you love completing something? And don't you love getting packages?

Here is what I got from Michelle at The Blackberry Briar. I purchased 11 beeswax angel ornaments, one little girl ornament, and one candle.

Shhh!!! Don't tell anyone! They're for presents!

I couldn't wait to open the package. When I opened the box I got a lesson in presentation. A note on top and everything wrapped so beautifully in the box. Wow! And the sugar cookie aroma just enveloped me. I love it!

I love them! I don't want to give them away!
Don't you think a tree festooned with these and some red stars would be wonderful?

So click on over to The Blackberry Briar, she's always got something cooking there!

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