Old kitchen on right of wall, old hallway to the left...

I usually try to write something every day - or at least every other day, but this has been a really busy season. What's that you say? This is a busy season for everyone?

Well, in addition to Christmas shopping and my job coordinating worship at my church, I've picked up a fun project during the holiday season of helping with the renovations of the family lake cottage. I've been the "behind the scenes organizer" - getting samples of countertops and stuff to take to family members so we can make a group decision on changes we're making. That ought to be a show on HGTV, y'know? My brother jokingly asked, "Hmmm, I wonder who's going to get voted off the island first?"

We've done pretty good, I think. No tribes have spoken yet ;-)

The old kitchen was a great kitchen for a single man in his 60's. The old kitchen was definitely designed for one person - and if someone was cooking and another person had to open the refrigerator you had to ask the cook to move. But sometimes we had 10 people sharing the cottage at a time (it's 26 x 26 feet), and sometimes 3 of us were trying to put a meal on together in the little 7 x 11 foot kitchen. Anyway, the old kitchen was gutted, we took a wall out and borrowed some room from a hallway and will have a great kitchen that will function with 3 cooks in the mix - meaning we won't have to be in each others' personal space to fix a meal. My sister's way of describing it is to say, "It will be a 3 rear kitchen." Except she didn't use rear.

What we see when we look out the windows...

Anyway, I've put aside my folk art creations for December while we've been doing this project. It's been fun and interesting to try to get viewpoints from different people on colors and styles and what they think will work.

I still think it would make a good show. Are you listening, HGTV?


Blondie ~ Vintage Primitives said...

How wonderful! I would love a lake house - and the bonus of SNOW. Dixie, this would be a fun break - knowing that you are enjoying yourself immensely - glad that your three buttski family gets along so well!! Merry Christmas to one of my favorite folksies.

BerryPatch said...

Dixie, I am so with you! Two months ago I bought an old house and me and my dad have stripped it to the studs and are doing a complete remodel on it. We are having a blast! My kitchen is almost finished!Yeah! I am working on the countertops this week, I picked out a tumbled slate rock to use and everyone is really loving it! We are thinking of flipping houses when we finishe with this one, its so much fun! Deb

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

What a beautiful place Dix!!! Great choice in fixtures by the way. :> ) I can't wait to see this place finished. Please keep us posted.

"Do not let what you cannot do
keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden