Self Portraits and More Paper Mache Head Magic

Dixie Redmond,
self portrait, palette knife painting
I haven't painted a self-portrait in a long time. One of the things I used to find fascinating was how Rembrandt's self-portraits formed a kind of biographical slide show. You can see his jaunty cockiness as a young man in the self-portrait that's in the Boston Museum of Fine Arts and his weariness in his middle aged portraits and a sense of resignation and peace in some of his last portraits. These self-portraits I did when I was around 27 or 28 years old and a student at Montserrat College of Art.

Dixie Redmond,
self portrait in an interior
My studio at the time was also my bedroom ;-)

Dixie Redmond,
self portrait, charcoal
assignment was to create volume

Here's an update on the large and small papier mache heads I've been repainting.

The little one will become Red Riding Hood if I can get my act in gear. ;-) The larger one is going to stay with me, I think, at least for a while. She's on another repainting adventure. I thought she looked too middle aged at the last repaint. Pretty soon her head will be very big from all the repaints. Nah, this is the last one, I promise. ;-)

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