Small Papier Mache Doll Repainted

She had been repainted before. I purchased her on Ruby Lane with Christmas gift money with the intention of repainting her again. She wasn't bad, but I thought she looked a bit hardened. I wanted a softer look. I know she's not painted in the colors which would have been original but I really like reddish brown hair and brown eyes.

Here she is before....

and here she is gessoed

and here she is after....

No more repainting on this gal. I have a beautiful soft green mini-print fabric that I overdyed to give it an even softer look which would make a great dress. But she needs a body then the dress and maybe, just maybe, a red hooded cape? ;-) But that will have to wait because I am leaving snow behind and going to the place of perennial summer - South Florida.


Lone Pierette said...

She is wonderful - she looks a bit like you ! what does the label on the back say ??
Have a nice trip to Florida.

Hugs Lone

Primitive Peddlers said...

Wow, what an awesome transformation! A totally different looking doll. I love it!

Cathy :)

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keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden