A Thousand Ways to Beat the Blues

You can almost feel New England (and probably other places in the northern hemisphere) falling into a collective depression (aka winter blues) this time of year. There are lots of kinds of blues - winter blues, middle aged blues, post-partum blues. And then there's the kind of dark times when we deal with chronic illnesses, lose a loved one, plain old melancholia (the old fashioned word for depression). In one of the groups I'm in we have a thread to think of 100 Ways to Beat the Blues - but if we get to a thousand, that's okay, too! If you'd like to offer some ideas then leave a comment. :-) I thought it might be helpful for lots of us.

1. Buy a $3 Gerbera daisy to put on your windowsill and distract yourself from the 2 feet of snow outside.

2. Think of what you'd do for a very close friend if they were down and do it for yourself.

3. Drink water instead of _____________ (coffee....beer....Mojitos....Jolt....you get the drift). Stay hydrated, people!

Okay, I've started - I'll keep reposting until we get to 100.


Rima Staines said...

ello Dixie, just stumbled across your blog and think your work is fabulous.. best wishes to you from Scotland :) Rima

Anonymous said...


Thanks for posting this.

My vote is to buy yourself some i.d. bare escentuals Buxom Lip Gloss and the Color of course would be none other than Dolly.

I LOVE it and it is energizing to your lips.


Unknown said...

Ummm! Dix, I have one unruley chin hair, only one, (which makes me very happy cause i have a sis who has a chin that looks like Shaggy's on Scooby-Doo) and plucking it kinda makes me feel better cause i know i wont see it for another 3 months! Does this count?
; )
Big Hugs,

Unknown said...

Rut-row raggy!!
; )
Big Hugs,

kelep said...

Part of my list:

Worship with abandon!

Buy some carnations or roses, and hand them out, one-by-one, to complete strangers, just because.


Tackle an important thing on your to-do list, and see it all the way through. Then admire your work.

Use your skills and talents to create something.

Sylvia Anderson said...

Great tips Dixie! Thanks for sharing. :)

"Do not let what you cannot do
keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden