Little Izzy Progress

I've been working hard on the Little Izzy.
Sometimes before I put clay on
I like to try out a different skin tone color.
Clay goes over this underpainting priming.

One would think that a little one would take less time to sculpt than a larger one, but no, it just takes less clay! It is very challenging to sculpt this small!

The last picture shows an underdrawing that I do before I gesso. I like to get a sense of who she is, gesso over it, perhaps rediscover it or tweak it after gessoing it. I have a tendency to make eyes way too big for faces.

Next step is to gesso over the underpainting.
Then I'll see what the next step is.
Maybe I'll do a different hairstyle?
Maybe make her eyes smaller?
I have a delicious antique polka-dotted fabric
that I may use to make this little girl's dress.

And after I took these pictures I realized I never make the foreheads high enough on my dolls. so I plunked a bunch of clay right on top, and to be truthful she looks a little bit Frankensteinish right now - or as my husband says, "Like Fred Merz from I Love Lucy." And now I think that by adding clay I've lost definition of features so I need to add a bit for cheekbones and nose.

Next pictures show after a bit more
sanding of the top of her head
and redefining an underpainting.


anniebeez said...

I think its very hard to get the Izzy forehead just right. I never make mine big enough either.You have a great start Dix, can't wait to see more!

michelle sylvia said...

Looking snazzy Dix! Can't wait to see her finished.


Heather said...

Wow, it is so neat to see the process! I have been bashfully circling the idea of making dolls-- but my sewing skills are seriously lacking (as is my supply of patience!) Your work is so lovely though, very sweet and 'old timey' just like I like. I'll be back to visit!~

"Do not let what you cannot do
keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden


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