My Wonderful Vacation and Homecoming

I just spent 5 days down visiting my dad and his girlfriend in Jupiter, Florida. My dad's condo has a beautiful view of the intercoastal waterway that runs parallel to the ocean. It was the perfect vacation - really restful. I got really spoiled - Barbara is an excellent cook, and we went out to eat several times at some excellent area restaurants. I really enjoyed not having a "must do" list. I did a lot of talking with them both and a lot of reading and a bit of walking and a bit of shopping. Here is a picture of the view from his screened porch (they call them a lanai in Florida).

When I got home, my husband had a wonderful surprise for me! We've been working at painting the knotty pine woodwork in the office. While I was away he has almost completed the process in the family room. That's a lot to get done and be the parent in charge! Our house has always been a bit dark, and it's amazing how painting the woodwork in the family room has brightened that whole side of the house! Here's a peek of what I mean...we need to do one more coat and that will be done in this room. It looks much whiter and more yellow than it actually is - the yellow is waaaaay softer and the white is cream. Thanks, honey!


Blondie ~ Vintage Primitives said...

How wonderful!!! I am so glad that you got away; what a delightful surprise from your hubs. He's a keeper.
Big hugs, Dix

The Feathered Nest said...

Oh Dixie! What gorgeous photos from your vacation!! It looks so wonderful, a vacation sounds pretty good right about now ~ I can't get over how wonderful the door and trim look painted!! Just gorgeous!!! I know you will love the airy feel it gives your home....xxoo, Dawn

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keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden