Pay Attention, C. J. Banks! The Roving Consultant Has Your Number!

Before I went to Florida I bought a nice light purple striped shirt that reminds me of an Easter egg. I like C. J. Banks' clothes better than some of the granny designed clothes at other stores' full figure departments. Yeah, I said full figure. I buy a lot of my clothes at C. J. Banks.

My spring-starved soul said, "Buy this shirt and spring will come."

I said, "Okay." Because in Maine we are that desperate for spring. If someone said, dress like a chicken and spring will come you would see many, many Mainers out and about in their chicken costumes. But I digress.

Off to Florida we went - my Easter egg shirt and I - to the land of eternal summer. I wore it on a visit with my uncle to the Greek Festival in West Palm Beach. It served me well for that afternoon.

So far, all seems to be good, right? Well, no, actually - it's not.

What drives me bananas about C. J. Banks clothing is that every cotton knit shirt I buy there looks great in the store. But they shrink way too much in length to feel comfortable to wear after that. I want to be clear these are shirts that say, "Wash Cold, Tumble Dry Cool."

Can't you just see a fabric buyer for C. J. Banks winking to the Vice President of Sales, "If we buy fabric that shrinks a lot in length, they'll buy MORE clothes. They'll have to."

The slogan on their website says, "Swing Into Spring: Wear Now, Wear Later."

Uh, no. It should say, "Wear now, Never wash it, Wear Later."

C. J. Banks - Pay Attention! I'm going on strike. I love your clothing design but I'm not taking it any longer! I'm going to buy clothing from places where a tunic does not become a halter top after washing.

This is The Roving Consultant, signing off.


Rachael Kinnison said...

AMEN!! You said it perfect! This goes hand in hand with manufacturers making anything with a warrantee, with parts MADE to break directly after the warrantee expires. Nothing is made to last anymore...including ready made clothing that shrinks to doll size, looses all its buttons, or literally falls apart after teh first wash!

Annie Beez said...

That is why I cannot buy 100% cotton anymore, much as I love it. Between the shrinkage and the wrinkles that never come out I am done. I only buy blends now, they shrink a lot less.

"Do not let what you cannot do
keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden