Itty Bitty Izannah Walker Doll Challenge

I have been a procrastinator for the first 3/7 of my life. They say procrastination is rooted in perfectionism...or laziness. ;-) But that's going to change, along with some other things. Because if I'm 45 and have lived 3/7 of my life I'm planning to live a long time ;-) And if I want that to happen a number of things have to change. But I'm getting off track...

The last challenge that the Coffee with Tea group had I put off and put off and didn't get the project done in time. I will get it done this time! The deadline is two months away, but I'm sure that with some focus (and less perfectionism) I will do it. The challenge is to make an Izannah Walker inspired doll that is less than 8 inches in height. Considering that my last couple have been almost 30" that is a challenge indeed. Small dolls are harder than big dolls. Their only benefit is they require less material. Here's my beginning...

If you don't know who Izannah Walker is then you go to the Izannah Walker Chronicles, a blog I write, and learn about her. :-)

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