Amazing Doll House
at Lucy's Doll House Shop in Camden, Maine

What a wonderful day I had yesterday because my wonderful husband made it possible for me to take a day trip down to Camden, Maine. My destination was Lucy's Doll House. I've gone down each season - spring, summer fall - to spend time looking and learning. While the dolls were getting ready for the opening of Lucy's Doll House after Memorial Day I took some pictures (over 150!)

They looked to me as if they were having a kind of parade. There was definitely excitement in the air as they get ready for summer visitors to the shop - it looks like these groups are talking about where they might go to live.

The wonderful new thing at Lucy's Doll House on this visit was this Staten Island dollhouse from the 1920's. I tried to take pictures of the incredible detail. Someone really made this a labor of love. There are hand painted The bathroom reminds me very much of the bathroom at my granddad's house - right down to the green colorways. For today I'll give a view of the outside and the rooms on one side of the house. I'll do more of th. Have a look, and be amazed! If you click the pictures you will see enlarged versions of them. Here's the outside of the dollhouse.

Inside the above side of this doll house
the room panels swing out with little knobs.

Well, folks, that's enough for today. I will post more later of other things at the shop I took pictures of as well as the other side of this dollhouse which is incredible.


Sylvia Anderson said...

You are not kidding Dixie...that doll house is amazing!!! It reminds me of my grandparents home long ago. The little details like the cutouts on the walls, and the brooms and cleaning things in the closet make it just so perfect. Thank you for sharing it with us!

fiddlestixstudios said...

Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful pics with us,Dixie!How lucky you are to live close to a doll shop like this!Can't you just imagine what all those dollies lined up are saying to one another?You can definitely sense their excitement!

Cookie said...

Dix, your photos are just stunning! How fascinating and exciting that you are able to capture everything - I feel like I went on the journey with you!

wonderful - I especially adore the first picture with all the girls surrounding that fine handsome young man :)

Sandy Mastroni said...

I LOVE the swan in the bathroom .... I might do that in mine [ my real bathroom ]

One time I spent 30 minutes staring at a photo of a kitchen [ in Country Living magazine ]. I wanted my kitchen to look just like this photo. There were little vegetables painted on the walls , but then I noticed the stove looked funny. The dial said hot , very hot , VOLCANO hot . When I turned the page I discovered it was Mickey Mouse's house in Disney World . I was alone but 'was my face red ' I want to live in a doll house or in a Mickey Mouse house .
You took great photos .
Thanks for showing us .

Murphcat32 said...

I was all excited to take the trip to Camden, but then discovered it was Camden, Maine, not Camden, New Jersey! ...which didn't make sense in the first place...a doll store in Camden N.J.!

Dixie Redmond said...

That cracks me up, but I don't see why you can't be inspired by Mickey Mouse's kitchen.

princesskaridee said...

Lucy's Doll House was inspired by Lucy Wolfe Morgan (She had a home in Siesta Key, FL, Camden, Maine and Warsaw, IN.) many years ago. Her daughter, Janet, has been my bff for 40 years, so I've seen, played, touched and admired her doll houses for at least that long as she had so many doll houses throughout her homes. I would still love to make the trip someday to see how she pulled her love of dolls and doll houses together and made them into Lucy's Doll House. Sure do miss you Lucy. xoxo

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