The Nut Behind the Wheel

 When I was young I had an orange AMC Pacer for a car. It was a bit like driving around a fish bowl. Man was that thing hot! I used it to cart myself and my siblings around to various places. When it had problems, I would tell my dad. And my dad would answer, "Dixie, there's nothing wrong with that car except the nut behind the wheel."

I'm wondering about my computer, which just crashed for the third time that I've owned it in a 18 month period. It's a Hewlett Packard, by the way. Is it the computer or "the nut behind the wheel?" I've owned other computers that haven't crashed, though, and this gives me comfort. Thank goodness I had backed up all my pictures the week before last.

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Little Blue Violet said...

Ohhhh, bummer. That drives me nuts. I have to say, we always had HP's but recently I purchased a MAC notebok because my son, ( a computer graphics artist) had encouraged me to try MAC swearing that they are far more reliable than HP. Ive had it 5 months now and not troubles. Mac was very easy to learn and adjust to also. Are your sure maybe this ones noy just a lemon? Judging from your art, youre no nut.
smiles, Darly

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