Another Great Day

I have a thousand things I could write about our visit to Niagara Falls. Yes, it's very touristy. In the best possible way, though ;-) When we arrived we took the time to go to some of the look-out spots and get our bearings. Then my younger son really wanted to go on the Cave of the Winds walk. The Cave of the winds walk takes you on a boardwalk at the botton of the Bridal Veil falls so you get splashed when you go on the hurricane deck. The give you sandals to wear and yellow poncho raincoats that are ultra sticky while you wait in line on a hot day.

This may fall under the category of "What Were We Thinking?" if I were writing a parenting book. But we (ahem) survived the hurricane deck ;-) I thought I was being clever when I tucked my camera underneath my poncho to take pictures. I poked a hole in the side of the poncho so I could pull the camera out when I wanted to. My husband watched in amazement as I did this and remarked on my "Sargent Ingenuity". That's a favorite phrase of his, because my family of origin definitely has a problem solving gene.
I digress, though. Somehow when we got on the "Hurricane Deck" at the base of the falls I got the wettest most hurricaney (word?) spot with a downpour of the falls going right into my face, down the neckline of my poncho onto my camera. Yankee Ingenuity or Stupidity? My camera is fine by the way. Canon G6 which has served me very well.

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The Feathered Nest said...

You are adorable Dixie!!! You made me laugh this morning...sounds so like something that would happen to me ~ trying to be oh so careful but still get the pic! xxoo, Dawn

"Do not let what you cannot do
keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden