My hands

Recently I was looking at pictures of a doll I've been documenting. In the picture is one of my hands, holding things straight for the camera. I was dismayed when I first saw this picture - my hand looks so old in the picture! But then I started thinking about it. These hands have been good to me. Here's what they've done:
  • These hands made mud pies when I was a baby.
  • They pinched brothers when dad wasn't looking.
  • They held jump ropes and tree branches when climbing.
  • They picked dandelions.
  • They cut out countless pictures in kindergarten. They also got a scar in kindergarten.
  • They counted pennies for penny candy.
  • They tied shoes.
  • These hands picked "pretty" rocks out of a lake when I was 10.
  • When I was 15 I picked up a broken bottle on the side of the road, intending to throw it away, but I got cut. I still have that scar as well at the base of my thumb.
  • These hands held a waterskiing rope when I was a teenager.
  • They helped me discover the joys of a needle and thread at granddad's house
  • They have cleaned countless sinks.
  • These hands began the art journey of drawing and painting in my early teen years.
  • These hands graded papers and guided children when I was a teacher.
  • They painted my first oil paintings when I was 27.
  • These hands have carried 8 grocery bags at one time.
  • When I was 31 they held my first child, and changed countless diapers.
  • These hands have sustained an injury cutting VBS scenery with an X-acto knife.
  • They have made music on a piano.
  • When I was 37 they held my second child, and changed countless diapers.
  • These hands have guided children in grocery stores.
  • These hands have wiped away my babies' tears.
  • These hands have paddled canoes recently.
  • These hands have created a LOT of things in the past few years.
  • These hands have taken some pictures I am so thankful to have.
  • These hands have signed checks, filled out forms, and written To Do lists.
These hands sometimes hurt, but I see why now. They've been through a lot. And they've been good to me. I think I'll go buy some lotion. ;-)

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"Do not let what you cannot do
keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden