An Old Photograph I Love

I love old things! I bought this old framed photo above for $5 at an auction. I loved it! Click on the picture to enlarge it. I love the expectancy and pride in the faces of these band members. Some of them show youthful hope and others youthful arrogance. The clarity of the picture is amazing. I'm not sure if it's a high school band from the Bangor, Maine area or from another place. Today I decided to take it out of its frame, hoping I would find out who is in the picture. No luck! On the back of the matte the photo is in it says "Mrs. Annie Connick" and some other writing. I can't read the rest of the writing, but maybe you can if you click on the picture's back below to enlarge it. I'm trying to place the age of the photo - the boots the women were wearing were pretty high and the collars the guys are wearing look like the separate kind with cardboard in them. I'm guessing sometimes in the 1910-1920's? Some of you are experts in historical costume, so maybe you can clue me in on this, too.

The photo was framed by Gerrity in Bangor, Maine.

I don't know when Gerrity Photographic supplies would have been located on Central Street in Bangor, Maine, but that's certainly something that I could find out. At least that would date when the picture was framed.

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Jennifer Rosbrugh said...

My guess would be very late Teens to early '20s. The left and center girls have raised waistlines (which was from the early to mid part of the decade), but the right girl's waistline is dropped.
However, all the girls have very short hair which tells me it could be 1920-ish.

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