Greetings from Sophie Brown

Antique papier mache dolls
from the 1800's were the
inspiration for this doll.
Her body is made from
antique/vintage muslin.
She is weighted so that she
sits very well without support.

She has bare feet, with stitched toes.
I made her some wool socks
from a sweater I felted.

Her little pinkeep pillow
has an antique Thanksgiving
postcard printed on it. It says
"Thanksgiving Greetings."

She wears a brown leaf calico print
and pantaloons and petticoat that I made
from antique lace/linens. I've been
saving this particular lace for a
while for just the right doll.

The pantaloons are made from
that wonderful antique sawtooth
material that I purchased from
an antique dealer here in Maine.

I intentionally left her skin color very pale,
and antiqued it in the barest of ways.
Manyof the old papier mache dollies
have a very white skin color.

This doll is one of a kind.
I hand sculpted her head/shoulderplate,
and gave her hair that is sculpted as well.
Be sure to keep your eye out for her on Ebay.


Anonymous said...

Dixie, She is wonderful! I love everything about her. You did a great job in capturing that "vintage/antique-y" look. ~~Angela (your fellow VCD member)

Dawn said...

She is beautiful! I love her vintage look coupled with the pinkeep pillow.

Christine Crocker said...

oh Dixie,

what a beautiful baby.
Each time I see an new painting or dolly that you have made, I'm totally amazed with your work, you do have such a lovely way of expressing yourself with paint and with papier mache.
she is just beautiful.

"Do not let what you cannot do
keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden