Patching House

UPDATE from 3 years later:    We have been pleased with how our siding looks overall.  But  one side of the house appears to have some oil canning (the sunny side) so we are in the process of addressing that with Certainteed.  You can read about that process here.  

Our drab BEFORE picture

Have you ever heard the phrase "patch house"? I've heard it used before in this sentence:

"He wasn't one to patch house much."

Maybe it's a Maine phrase, I'm not sure. But I really like the sound of it. Above is a picture of my house. We bought it a few years ago because it has 4 bedrooms, and a finished basement, and it is in a nice neighborhood very close to town. We had considered buying or building a house out a ways but then I pretended that I had forgotten the milk again and knew that country living isn't for me. But this house is set back a bit from the road in the development so it has a bit of a country feel in town. At the time we bought it, it was 20 years old. It's a nice house, but needs updating here and there.

Since we bought the house we've had the driveway redone and took down a lot of trees in the backyard. The view above is from the house to the neighborhood road. My brother has a construction company and he did a great job on the driveway and backyard work. Then two years later we replaced the roof.

And now it's time to reside it. The wood siding is painted gray and I'm sure it looked lovely 20 years ago before the mold and mildew took hold. It was surrounded by tall pine trees for a long time. Now it just looks like it should be next to the word DRAB in the dictionary. So it's time to freshen up and perhaps add a bit of curb appeal. The house is designed so that the approach is just as you see it - the first thing you see is the garage doors. I want to add shutters after we side it. There is a great site where you can play around with color options.

Certainteed Colorview

If you're anything like me you can play around for quite a while trying out colors. I want to warm it up, I think. But it's also the time to think outside of the box. Here are a few options using a simple house that's most similar to mine.

This colorway above I like best.

My sister-in-law suggested barn red.
Not sure about this, although we almost
bought a red house before we bought the
house in the picture at top.

I've heard that dark colors in vinyl siding
can fade, but this is pretty.

Oh, well. If you have any good ideas for curb appeal, feel free to offer them. And yes, I realize that moving the giant snowbanks would improve the appeal. Now to print off my house picture and pull out the crayons!

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Anonymous said...

Gotta say, I like that barn red.

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