She Needs a Name

Remember her?
I got her in a trade with a friend
and repainted her
and repainted her
and repainted her
and repainted her
and repainted her
and repainted her
and repainted her.

You get the drift.

Now she finally has a body - with arms!

But she needs a name,
and I'm open to suggestions.
Up to now, I've been calling her "Big Girl".

Green will be her dress color.

She's such a sweet antique come back to life.

On to legs!

Somehow she's trying on shoes
even though her legs aren't attached yet.


The-Artful-Attic said...

Oh..Dixie..she is wonderful!! When I first looked at her the name Elizabeth struck me but now I am leaning toward something really different...Letitia or Parthena. I really like different names!! She is just fabulous!


Maureen said...

Hi Dixie,
I love her face as it draws you to her. She reminds me of some of the women I know who are very wise. The name that first popped into my head was Sadie. I'm not sure that is her name but perhapss she'll let you know:)

The Feathered Nest said...

She's just beautiful Dixie!!! I love that you share your progress of your artwork ~ and the red is going to be gorgeous on your house! Have a great weekend ~ xxoo, Dawn

Markiesnana said...

I think you should call her Patience. Not only because she sits so patiently on your ironing board....but I was looking up old names the other day and noticed that they used those names...Patience, Mercy, etc...

Julie said...

Hi Dixie, She looks like a Marta to me. I also just wanted to let you I was reading your comment on Racheal Kinnisons blog, Gail Wilson offers a wonderful selection of items for doll making (especially for under garments). I hope this helps,Julie

Gail Wilson said...

Hi, Dixie, this is my first comment ever on any blog. I got the name Henrietta. With that color hair and trying on shoes before legs, well... Anyhow, she is not alone in that - I set out my dolls like that with snippets and stuff just to see. The only way I can work - AND, my trash can often has many bodies in it.

Phebe said...

I vote for Bernice. My Grandma Bernice was a big woman but oh did she love life. I say Bernice.

Anonymous said...

im in new zealand....and somehow i reckon elise,or in the honor of one of our great early pioneers marianne .....williams who arrived here about 1840,or a bit later.... was so wonderful that the early Maori called her Mother,.....lovingly as she midwifed, fed and truly loved our local WHANAU,or family- like her own ....despite coming from a privileged background.

"Do not let what you cannot do
keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden