Things On My Hutch

I love the meeting of these two creations above.
It looks funny and makes me smile.
Perhaps I ought to dress up the
wooden creature as a wolf, or as Granny?
Wooden figure antique unknown maker
from a Searsport, Maine attic.
Paper doll Izannah by Megan Womack.

The antique papier mache doll heads
I just sold to a wonderful lady.

This dollie above is very small - about 10" total.

Finally, I'd like to talk about the magazine Cloth, Paper, Scissors Studios. I made a comment a few posts ago about magazines like this. Sometimes when I've looked at Where Women Create I come away with an identity crisis. But the issue of Cloth, Paper, Scissors Studios had some "real" studios. The kinds where you might see a plastic bin, or wire shelving. The kind where you can see that someone actually makes art in it. Imagine my surprise when I saw that one of my favorite art duos was included in this magazine - go Joee, go Dylan, go Cart Before the Horse! I loved seeing where you make your wonderful creations. The Little Red below is a Cart Before the Horse creation, as is the Little Red picture. The little bear is by Claralie Hall and the pinkeep I won in a giveaway by Christine Crocker. I treasure them all!


Jo James said...

Awwww. . .

Hiya Dixie!
I'm madly in love with that strange little wooden creature! I'm so happy that he's holding something I made!
It's so rewarding seeing things that I've made be other people's treasures. Thanks you for including me in your daily celebration!
And thanks for the magazine love :)
It was a total surprise to us that we were in there. They had asked us to submit photos and an article some time ago, but when the list of artists that were featured was e-mailed out, we weren't on it. Imagine our delight when we got a free magazine in the mail and there we were!
Thanks again,
and big hugs :)

Atticbabys said...

Stopped by to wish you and your fam a very "Happy Easter" Dix!
I enjoyed looking at some of your little treasures! Love them all!

"Do not let what you cannot do
keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden