Harmony Hall of Hampden, Maine - Hampden Garden Club

One of the events the Hampden Garden Club has each year is a Plant and Pie Sale in a building called Harmony Hall, which they own. Harmony Hall is one of the first public places of worship in Hampden and was built by the Universalists. Other groups, such as the Methodists, also used the building to hold meetings. It was built in 1828, and is a beautiful building. Think Ye Olde New England.

Come on up the stairs to see a few
wonderful things about this old building.

Light shining in through the Gothic windows.

Original old straightback pew.
Wide, wide boards used
in the furniture
and in the floors.

New rope on the weathered wood
of the bell tower leads to the old Revere Bell.

Looking up at the Revere Bell

A closeup of weathered wood.

The balcony is suspended by iron rods -
this made it so there didn't need to be any
supporting posts in the downstairs,
allowing for more seating and a better view.

Closeup of curved balcony railing.

In the late 1800's the hall ceased to be used as a church and the town used it for community events. Then in the mid 1930's, the Hampden Garden Club purchased the building for $1 from the prior owner. A couple of years ago, the Garden Club got the building put on the historic register. They are now, along with the town, looking to raise funds to shore up the building and replace what needs to be replaced so that it can be preserved. The plant sale is one way they raise money for the preservation fund.

The plant sale was a great success. I didn't get a picture before it began, but the bottom floor was filled with plants on every spot of space on the tables. And there were pies galore. Here's a closeup of Lady's Mantle...

The club has this down to a science.
Wonderful job!

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Maureen said...

I loved this post because I love old churches with history and this building is beautiful. Your photos were excellent and gave a great view of the space and the plants. Again I am thankful for spring and your appreciation for historic places:)

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