Some Works Are Springboards...

I'm going to be painting over this painting above, because the format is too large for what I want to do. Plus I love some things about it and hate some things about it. So I will use it as a springboard for other paintings. And will turn this giant panel into something else for my own house. :-). So here are some crops I did of the painting.

I like the color combinations in these bottom crops.

and if you turn it upside down
you get a feeling of a flower-filled field.


Sandy Mastroni said...

interesting painting
and I loved 'shut up and paint '

Maureen said...

Dixie, I love the idea of cropping a painting. You certainly have a lot of possibilities in this one painting. I'm getting my camera out....

Cookie said...

I love art that looks good whether you are standing on your feet or on your head!

Love the colors too - very serene ♥

"Do not let what you cannot do
keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden