Elizabeth May Hope on Ebay

Elizabeth May Hope, 33 inches

Antique Unbreakable Papier Mache Head
Repainted by Dixie Redmond
New body and clothing by Dixie Redmond


Companion dolls in pictures
are not for sale. Companion doll above
is by Jackie Hendricks of Plain-n-Simple Dolls.

What do you do when a friend offers you a badly repainted antique papier mache Indesctructible head in trade for making some clothing for her antique dolls? If you can't resist taking a misfit and redeeming her, you say, "Yes, please." Especially if she looks like this. Because you can see past the orange peel surface, and the child-like repainting.

You know she's not an ugly duckling but a swan.
She just needs some loving.
In the form of paint.

She also needs a body that is appropriate.
Thank you so much to the dear friend
who shared her pattern with me!

And she doesn't need any old arms,
she needs long arms to hold dear dollie friends.

Companion Doll by Teresa Baker of Dolls of Yore.
(Companions dolls are not included
in purchase price or for sale).

Black Izannah inspired doll by
Jackie Hendricks, Plain-n-Simple
Companion Doll not for sale

She needs ruffled pantaloons with 3 rows of pintucks
inspired by real antique undergarments.

She needs stockings to cover her sweet little toes.
And then of course she needs slippers
made from felted wool to dance
among the summer flowers in.

She also needs the perfect green dress
to celebrate the arrival of spring and the coming
months of picking colorful summer flowers.
She is perfect to hold smaller dolls.

She has been a labor of love,
and is now ready to travel to her new home.
She is now on Ebay.


The Golden Egg said...

Your work is amazing. The attention to detail floors me. Good luck.

Annelein said...

Dixie, what a change you made...

"Do not let what you cannot do
keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden