Busy as a Bee

It's that time of year again when things start up. Schools starts up. Committees start up. My son's class will be taking a class trip to Boston and it's time to start fund-raising for it. My niece did an awesome job last year planning a hunter's breakfast. If you know of a great fundraiser that doesn't require us to give things to kids to sell door-to-door, then please leave the idea in the comments section. :-)


The Creative Bohemian said...

Hi Dixie,

I am on my son's school's Parents Assoc. too. We do fundraisers all year. Some we are doing this year... We find that if the parents do the fundraising rather than rely on the kids, it is much more profitable. If every parent donates time to at least one or two events, the work load is less.

Breakfast w/ Santa - always a hit. We hire the town's santa (real white beard and all) to pose for photo opps with the kids while the adults feast on donuts, coffee, bagels, cocoa, etc. The play simple games and run around. We charge a flat fee and have right after mass is letting out next door.

Other ideas-

Spaghetti Dinner Night - Yum! Our local fire dept. volunteers their time and cook vats of spaghetti for everyone at the school. Also a flat fee at the door.

Craft Fair - local vendors love another opportunity to set up and sell. We charge them for the table space. We do it in the fall, selling mums and plants, baked goods. This does well also.

We have so many others going on, but right now this is what we are doing for the first half of the year.


Rachael Kinnison said...

Hi Dixie!
I can remember in summer we had carwashes...but in the fall we used to rake leaves....sounds silly, but if you advertise ahead of time, and make fliers that say the kids will be raking leaves for donation to the fundraiser for such and such, youd be surprised how many folks will call in. New Englanders have sooooo many leaves too :)

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keep you from doing what you can do."

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