A Quartet of Dolls

Here are dolls in various stages of painting and completion on my painting table. The 2nd to the right is the Izannah inspired doll I've been working on. You know when they get named "The Startle Doll" that they need to have their eyes repainted. So her eyes have been painted over and we will begin again with the eyes.

This is a head shape that didn't work for Izannah
but make me think a bit of a Columbian Doll.

And I don't know where this little one
is going but I like her watchful expression.


Unknown said...

Oh How fun!!!!!!!!!! I like the dark haired one!!!!!!!

The Feathered Nest said...

Oh Dixie... I love seeing your creations!!!! Thank you so much for sharing your progress ~ xxoo, Dawn

Linda Searle Dolls said...

Dixie, they all look fantastic. Looking forward to your next update. Linda

judy j said...

oh Dixie I love the little one on the right.She is a beauty.I'll be checking to see her and the others progress.
judy j

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