Family Gatherings and Food

Like many families during the holidays, we gather together and there is always lots of food. My mom brought cinnamon rolls to last night's event. And my brother made pizza - homemade in a brick oven. If he ever loses his job I would recommend that he open a restaurant. His pizza is better than Ricetta's in South Portland, and that's saying something! The process is interesting, too.

The assembled pizzas
get taken out to the brick oven.

He watches over them
like a mom with a newborn.

He moves them several times
in the very short time
they are in the oven.

Piping hot pizzas come back to the kitchen

Where they are cut...

And served...

And devoured.
I had to edge aside
some family members
to get this shot
before the pizza was gone.

Where does he get his cooking talent?
While my dad is a good cook,
I think he gets it from our mom,
maker of the cinnamon rolls.

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"Do not let what you cannot do
keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden