Family Pictures

Old family pictures are interesting to look through. I have these because my father took the time to scan them for the far-flung branches of the family. I am lucky to come from family that kept things, although they didn't always label the pictures. Of course, some of these people were so well known they did not need labeling then. Then someone could say, "Oh, remember when Sally and Betsey went to Bangor to have their pictures taken and one wore black and the other white?" This picture was found in the Stormann album. The young women chose to contrast themselves strongly. Were they best friends? Sisters? Cousins? And why do I always get the song Ebony and Ivory stuck in my head when I see this photo?

Above are two girls from a different family line from Sangerville, Maine. These girls appear to be sisters, and looks like mama (or grandma!) worked hard in making them matching dresses. Note the protective arm the older girl has around the younger.

I have no idea who this girl is,
or what she is holding.

This boy above
seems uninterested
in the picture taking process.
He appears to be
between 8 years old and 12.
"I could be fishing!"
his look tells us.
I have such a boy.

Very plainly dressed family,
with the exception of some
crocheted lace on the baby.
Parson's family, perhaps?

Above and below -
were near each other
in a family album
labeled Sangerville (Maine)

The sweetest unknown baby ever, below.

All these photos
represent people
who lived
and dreamed and loved.

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Anonymous said...

Dixie, the third pic from the bottom could be you! My goodness, you are the spittin' image of that darling girl.
Kate Erbach

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