Doll Made with Free Izannah Walker Pattern

A while ago I posted a free updated template pattern for people to use in making Izannah inspired dolls. Recently Lina Janosi finished the doll pictured above and allowed me to post it here. This doll has so much presence and Christmas spirit. :-) It is fun to see that someone took a basic pattern and made it their own. As did Elaine McNally, in the sweetheart shown below. Both of these women are in the Izannah Walker Dolls group - one of the best groups of people on the web! But I'm biased.

In case you missed the post with the free pattern, you can find it below. This pattern has issues - I would decrease the thumb size by about 20%. But hey, it's free. :-) In early January my newly designed Izannah pattern will be released which is based on the original antique dolls. I've put hundreds of hours into that pattern and it's not free, but I hope it will be fun!

If you make a doll with this pattern and post online, please provide a link to my blog. It's fine if you use this pattern to make dolls to sell, just please credit me with the design. Thanks!


The Creative Bohemian said...

Dixie, thanks for sharing the pattern. One day when I can, I will make a doll sing your pattern and send you a pix.


Dixie Redmond said...

Diane - I'll look forward to it. :-) A while back someone made a Frida Kahlo doll using it. :-)

bonaventurka said...

Hello Dixie! Thank you very much for the pattern. I saw your dolls two weeks ago and fell in love with them. My compliments!

Please find below a link to my doll
I finished it yesterday night. As you see it is not perfect, I have done a lot of mistakes. But I like it anyway. Thank you again for the pattern!

Best regards,

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