Taxes and Birthdays and Chairs, Oh MY!

That is an ugly chair.
It's the price of love.

This is one of those weeks where creativity is put on the back burner as I deal with stuff that must be done. I'm gathering documents for taxes and am vowing (yes, again!) to do a better job saving receipts and stuff for next year.

We had planned to replace our living room furniture this year but put that on hold for for various reasons. So I decided they must be cleaned. And also this ugly chair above, which I wrote about in 2007. Two more years has not made it any prettier! I only keep it because my oldest son loves that chair. My oldest child is having a birthday, too, so of course I can't get rid of the chair now. Cleaner will be better.

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Christine LeFever said...

You are indeed a loving mother. Yes, ahem, it is ugly, but it is also beautiful for its comfort and joy and so in its forlorn way, enjoy!



PS: Happy Anniversary!

"Do not let what you cannot do
keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden