Martha Beck is Why I Buy Oprah Magazine

I don't buy O Magazine (The Oprah Magazine) so that I can figure out which $70 blouse to buy. Or to find that a tote bag that was $475 is now on sale for $238. Are we talking about something I might use to put snacks and books to keep my older son busy at my other son's soccer match?

I mostly buy O magazine to read Martha Beck's articles. The price of the magazine is a deal if it keeps Martha sharing her thoughts with me. The first article I read that resonated with me was 8 Steps to Conquer the Beast Within. Anyone who has a tendency or habit you're trying to change would benefit from reading the article. It's surprising in a good way to find out the incredible people who have dealt with depression in their lives. Winston Churchill dealt with his depression by naming it his Black Dog.

I especially loved the recent article by Martha Beck which is entitled The Surefire Way Convert Money into Happiness. What's interesting about this is that the process of deciding what to do with your money will be different for each person. I think I'm now a Martha Beck groupie. I wonder what kind of conversation Seth Godin and Martha Beck would have?

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"Do not let what you cannot do
keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden