Green Dots Matter...

Seth Godin has written a post called How Big is Your Red Zone? It has GRAPHS which remind me of 9th grade algebra, which I loved. It's worth reading and thinking about and maybe talking to others about. When you read it you will find out about the intersection of the joy zone and the hassle zone. Fascinating to think about in terms of any accomplishment.

Last year when I was making my Izannah Walker doll pattern there were several people who were "green dots" for me, who helped me push through to completing the process. My husband was one of the major green dots. He encouraged me and helped me in breaking the process down into do-able chunks when I was feeling overwhelmed. He and my kids ate a LOT of sandwiches in that time without complaining (much). There are other people who were green dots. I won't name them here but I will email them to thank them.

I believe that most accomplishments, large or small, come about because of an encouragement from others. Are you a green dot to someone else in their quests?

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"Do not let what you cannot do
keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden