Totally Off Topic: Well Done Advertising on Blogs

I have all my links on a separate blog here.   I'm kind of an eclectic person and you'll find links to all kinds of things....from autism to antiques, tutorials to tiaras (not really, I just adore alliteration). I really enjoy reading decorating blogs for the same reason I like watching HGTV -  I feel like I'm getting something done while watching them.   I've noticed a dramatic increase in advertisements on some of these blogs.

I'm not against ads, I understand that blogging takes time and the ads help pay for the blogger's time. But I don't want to have to play the "is this an ad or something the blogger wrote game."    If 50% of the blog's content is advertising, or half of the posts are advertisements disguised as posts, then it feels unbalanced and not something I want to spend my time reading.  OR if I can't find your content because of all the ads, then I click on out of there.

The following blogs display their sponsors in a straightforward and organized way, and also have great content focused on making and designing a home:

Centsational Girl - has a wonderful blog that inspires me with each post.  I learned how to paint perfect stripes on her blog, and all because she was curious enough and humble enough to ask the question.  The ads in her blog are clearly marked with an "I Love My Sponsors" heading.   And a hyperlink at the top of the page.  Truth be told, when someone writes a good DIY blog, I want to know who their sponsors are.   I might just need a Dremel Multi-Max for my artwork.

Remodelaholic - has quite a few ads, yes, but it doesn't feel like the blog exists for ad income.   Ads are in clearly marked sections with a nice "please visit my sponsors" heading.  Very straightforward.  Love that!  And this blog has a lot of worthwhile content if you are a DIYer, or even if you are a dreamer, like I am sometimes.  She has a great tutorial to beef up dinky baseboard molding.  I was able to find this tutorial because the tutorials are all laid out in one section, and not scattered around the blog. 

The Old Painted Cottage - presents ads in the perfect way - up top and up front.  And they are very elegantly presented.  There are no bright orange blinky ads.  And the ads relate to the topic and content of her blog.  Great job!  The Old Painted Cottage has a number of great tutorial before & after posts organized under the top link called Cottage8 - tutorials on that page are organized according to "rooms" and are well worth visiting.  You'll be inspired because the befores and afters are truly astounding.  

Sawdust and Paper Scraps - this blog has no ads that I could find.  Just lots and lots of wonderful projects shown done with a can-do spirit.  The Playroom Storage Wall is what got her on my list of decorating blogs.  I love the name of her blog, too.  It has a playful sense that says, "Come on in, we might make a mess using what we have, but we're gonna have fun doing it. 

There are lots more blogs out there doing a good job presenting ads, but I thought these blogs are great examples on many levels - presenting usable and inspirating information and organizing that information in a way that is pleasantly readable.


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