Choosing What You Want to Be

Several years ago I bought a lot of vintage children's books at an auction.  This puzzle came with those books.  I've held on to it for several years.  It was made in 1964, and it is likely I used a similar puzzle in school.  It speaks to a time when life was more straightforward.  You went to school, you chose what you wanted to do in life, and then you did it.  Although the milkman has somehow disappeared from this puzzle set and has probably gone off to Hollywood to be a Big Star.

Remember milkmen?   I'm really showing my age here, but when I was a girl the milk companies delivered milk straight to people's houses.  It came in glass bottles.  There used to be insulated metal boxes like the one below, where the milkman put your milk when it was delivered.

Yeah, I know.  I'm not only getting older I'm waxing nostalgic.  Life really was simpler.  Back then you did something as a "career".  I'm not sure if that even exists nowadays in the old-fashioned sense.  There's nothing nowadays to stop you from being a milkman for a while, and then doing something else.  Careers that span 40 years with the same employer are rare in our time. 

Before I send this off to the recycling center for some other Baby Boomer to discover, I thought I'd share some of the graphics with you.   

Ah, the simple life.  ;-)

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The Creative Bohemian said...


Believe it or not, my Dad had milk delivered a few times a week up until a few years ago. I believe he was Albert's Dairy's last remaining customer before they went out of business, LOL! A Chinese takeout is in that building now.

I grew up chatting with my girlfriends, sitting on that milk box in front of our door.

Thanks for a forgotten cherished memory!


"Do not let what you cannot do
keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden